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Pop Culture Roundup, March 11

Welcome to this week’s collection of fun pop culture stories.

In Memoriam

Losing a Lost Boy
Yesterday morning, I was saddened but not surprised to hear that 80s teen heartthrob Corey Haim had died of an apparent drug overdose. I had a huge crush on Haim after The Lost Boys and License to Drive. It is too bad that he was never able to get is substance abuse under control. Read another personal reaction here.

Merlin Olson, Football Star, Commentator and Actor, Dies at 69
Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorite shows (and book series) as a young girl. I remember the calming influence Johnathan Garvey often played. I am saddened to hear that he suffered from mesothelioma, a cancer often caused by exposure to asbestos. Find out more about the disease.

Movie Stuff

Behind the Scenes of “The Runaways”
I am typically not a theater-goer these days. I used to work in a theater (for five years in high school and college), so I am well aware of the joys of the crowd, the isolation, and the overall theater experience. But, I don’t always like the crowds, and I’d rather watch a movie on my big screen with my home theater system and with my dogs sitting on the couch with me. But this little movie about Runaways is almost enough to lure me out of my cocoon. I LOVE the Runaways. Are you planning to see it, either in the theater or on DVD? (Compare the movie girls with the real thing here.)

The MPAA Says the Movie Business Is Great. Unless Its Lousy.
The MPAA released a report about the state of the movie industry. Grosses are up. More technology is in theaters. But, of course, they never want to talk about the fact that grosses are only up because of inflation.

TV Stories

Comedy Leads the Way among 86 Pilots for Fall TV Season
It never fails. When one show succeeds, the copycats come out of the woodwork, and the networks bite. With the success of the ABC comedies this season, everyone wants to make a new 30-minute comedy. Hopefully, they won’t try to rip off Modern Family too much or focus on the things that don’t matter to viewers. (Really, do you care whether the show is a one-camera or multi-camera comedy?) Make good shows, and people will watch them.

The Mouse That Roared: Turning to the Internet to Catch a Favorite Show
I still think this is the way of the future, even though it is challenging now. For network shows, it’s easy. Pay cable, possible. Sports, nearly impossible. And the lack of easy access to sports online is why we keep the DirecTV subscription for now. Mr. Pop Culture Curmudgeon will not go without his sports.

Random Stuff

Exclusive: Co Co a-Go-Go: Conan Tour Starts April 12!
The rumored Conan O’Brien tour is a go. And it is starting in my old place of residence, Eugene, OR. That is weird to me. Are you gonna go see Conan live?

BTW, only two weeks until a new episode of Supernatural.

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